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Did You Know?

The Church of El Duce is the world's fastest growing religion.

El Duce is Lord

Pope Heathen Scum of the Mentors, and Kill Allen Wrench, is El Duce's representative on Earth

Allen Wrench is the Messiah of the Church of El Duce

In the largest mass religious conversion in History, the Entire State of Israel has converted from Judaism to The Church of El Duce

There are four sacraments in the Church of El Duce : Sex, Porno, Booze, and Pot

The Church of El Duce is open to anyone to join with certain exceptions : no gayes, no children allowed as well : only sexually liberated swingers



Church News

Hollywood celebs are flocking in droves to join the Church of El Duce. Religious leader and earthly spokesman for our lord, El Duce Pope Scum stated in his latest statement to the flock:

"In just one week our church was flooded with Tom Cruise, defecting to the COED from Scientology, Madonna and her husband, what’s his name, defecting from the Kabala and many other yes men and women who follow these billionaires. Truely incredible.

Basically we have the Hollywood community locked up with our particular brand of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and religion. This is a righteous religion for swingers, and strictly for adults. Mike Jackson tried to get into the Sinagog of our Church of El Duce, and was voted out by the rest of the church. We don’t need this kind of hassle. Its not a racial thing at all, we have plenty of members of every race, that is why they call us the Rainbow Religion.
We are working on a bigger coup however. It looks like the entire state of Israel is going to convert tot he COED. How this works to affect the Mid East crisis, this is anybody’s guess. It is really going to shake things up! This started with my personal consoling to Ariel Sharon. Our Church supports Sharon and the State of Israel 110% in his fight against terrorists."

Pictured Below : Pope Heathen Scum (with guitar), and Allen Wrench, Messiah of the Church of El Duce

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