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Pope Heathen Scum Joins World Religious Leaders in Condeming Elton John's Gay Marriage

Mentors Founder in Press Conference with
Pope Benedict of Roman Catholic Church Against Elton John

_•Religious Leaders Join Together to Take a Stand Against Elton John's Gay Marriage

Popes Join Forces to Defeat Faggotry!

Duce News Network : Jan. 2005

The leaders of the worlds two mightiest religions, Roman Catholicism, and The Church of El Duce, joined forces to take a stand against Gay Marriage, as personified by Elton John and his Gay Lover tying the knot in the UK late last year.

Stated Pope Benedict from a Vacitan Basilica flanked by Pope Scum : "Both Pope Scum and I are compelled to speak out against Gay Marriage. I say right now, and for always, Gay is not Okay. Tony Blair will go to hell from promoting this horrible thing. We have enough problem with our Gay Priest molesting boys right and left without Elton throwing fuel on this fire"

Pope Scum spoke next : "Thank you Pope Benedict, and people of Rome, for welcoming me with my message of peace for the world. Elton, that's it. Go back in the closet please and marry a fag hag sort of like a reverse Liza Minnelli (another great Italian). If you think Saturday Night is Alright for Fighting, I can tell you right now that Saturday Night is Alright for Fagbashing. You are destroying society with your Gaye Marriage. You definitely are a kick ass piano player and you are welcome to jam anytime with the Mentors as long as you get a Fag Divorce right away and not encourage young minors to become gay as you have been doing. Jesus and Duce both demand this right now"

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