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Apart from his Musicial and Political Talents, Pope Scum is happy in the name of our Lord, El Duce, to interview many celebrities to out rock that shitty fag mag, Interview Magazine.

Here is the first of many interviews to come :

Dr. Scum interviews Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters

Dr. Heathen Scum Interview with Dave Grohl

1 01 04

I was lucky enough to hook up for a conversation with Dave Grohl of the legendary band, Nirvana, recently while doing some recording in Seattle with the Church of El Duce. I asked Dave if he would consent to doing an interview to promote the New Church of El Duce Supergroup Yahoo! Group, and he graciously agreed. I smoked him out righteously with some sweet pot, and then let the tape recorder rollDHS : Dave thanks for letting me interview you in order to promote the Church of El Duce Supergroup. I really appreciate it. But lets get right down to business Who killed Kurdt Cobain?
DG : As far as who actually pulled the trigger, it was El Duce. But it was a bigger conspiracy then that. It was Courtney and the record company that realized Cobain would be bigger dead than alive, that’s the old Elvis/Sid Viscous trick. That’s one reason I don’t want to get too big, the fuckin record company will kill ya just to make more money.

DHS There are conflicting opinions within the Metal Community on Nirvana. Some feel it was cool, others say it stunk like shit? How do you feel about the band now that it is over?

DG : Honestly I thought the band was terrible as well. I was a metal fan and after listening to classic Ozzy albums like the Ultimate Sin, Nirvana was a pathetic mess of a band. I tried to play good but the other two dummies were so stoned on heroin that had no idea what was going on. I know it isn’t cool to bash your own band, but I’m glad the idiot got offed so I could make some decent music.

DHS : What do you think about your fellow DC native, Zakk Wylde?

DG : Me and Zakk go way back. He used to play in a cover band that would play backyard parties and stuff. I used to get stoned with him all the time but he turned real weird a few years ago. I don’t know what caused it but he turned into being the most obnoxious redneck racist prick you ever met. If your walking down the street with him and he sees a black guy he will run over and say fuck you nigger and stuff like that. It’s not cool or even safe to be around him. These black rappers will shoot for no reason, and I tried to explain that to him, but he is just too stupid to figure it out.
He thinks he is a biker or something, and the IQ level of what he is doing is so low, it’s even worse than Nirvana actually. Bottom line he is an obnoxious stupid drunken fuck. Total white trash.

DHS : what do you listen to these days apart from your own stuff?

DG : Well definitely Foo Fighters is right up there. Other than that, fuck, the Church of El Duce SuperGroup. That shit is amazing. Frankly its better than Mentors and that is a hard act to follow. It is very unusual for somebody to be in two classic bands in his lifetime. For Dr. Scum to be in Mentors and then Church of El Duce Supergroup, well fuck, that is like being in the Beatles and then joining the Stones. Jimmy Page going from Yardbirds to Zep is about the only analogous situation I can think of.

DHS : Nirvana was a political band. What do you think about the war on Terrorism?

DG : Yea your right, Nirvana was super left wing. But shit, nobody had any idea at that time what those crazy Arabs were up to. I think if Curt Cobain was alive today he would be the first to say juke drop an A bomb on all of em, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. As far as what I think, I fully support President Bush and I encourage him to attack more often. These fuckers are trying to stop our rock, so we have to stop them.

DHS : What is your relationship with Courtney Love?

DG : Well she represents the estate of Curt Cobain so that means me and Novaselic have to meet with her to go over Nirvana business 4 times a year. There is a lot a of money still coming in. We try to get along with her, but she is super stoned and super greedy. Apart from that all the plastic surgery has definitely worked well, fuck when we first met her she was a super pig, now she looks like a fuckin cheerleader. She’s hot.

DHS : Any last words for the fans?

DG : Thanks Dr. Scum, for letting me promote my act, Foo Fighters on the righteous and holy Church of El Duce page.

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