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Dr. Heathen Scum Interview with Paul McCartney


11 11 06

I, Dr Scum, have few heroes. After all, having been so closely associated with our Lord El Duce, its a fact that other talents pale in comparison to this God of Music. However Paul McCartney is one of the better musicians to ever have walked the earth.

So it was a real treat to interview McCartney.

Given the massive controvery surrounding his divorce to Gold Digger whats her name, it is suprising that McCartney wanted to talk to anyone at all. McCartney emailed me to play bass on his new solo LP, which of course I was honored to do. I turned down the cold hard million dollars he offered, in return for this interview

there are so many topics to discuss with McCartney, you almost dont know where to start. His career spans 50 years, of great music, interesting times, the biggest stars of the world, and now, Mentor like controvery

DHS Paul, I heard you on Howard Stern. From an interview standpoint, Howard did a good job, however, I intend to top it. Lets get straight to the point. What I want to know is what is the typical day like for Paul McCartney when you are not touring?

PAUL: Well Scum, as you know, I am a musician first and formost. I live and breath and smoke music, well, and drink it to also. So I would normally get up around 2pm, have an English Breakfast, then smoke a fatty. Then sit down at the Piano or Guitar and start jamming. I can play all the instruments so lots of times, I just write songs by myself, and other times, I jam with my friends or hired studio musicians and come up with new stuff.

I would normally start to hit the bottle after sundown, and then continue on making music throughout the night.Finally,stagger into bed for a little of the old in and out.

DHS : Fuck, Paul, thats exactly what I do too!

PAUL : Scum, you are a pretty sharp guy. You should know by now that is what all great musicians do. Its a full time obsession.

DHS : Well, Paul, somehting tells me this lifestyle contributed to your divorce, correct?

PAUL : Yeah, im afriad so. My first wife Linda, was cool with this, but this broad tricked me that she could put up with this before we got married but like a fool I fell for it. I know now she was just after my cash. It really didnt matter what I did or didnt do.

DHS :Shit dude, we feel for you. This has got to be rough for ya, all these accusations and stuff, and trying to get half of your several billion dollars.

PAUL : The money isnt the thing, believe it or not. Those that know me, know I dont life a rich lifestyle. But I have to say it has bothered me. I have been seeing a shrink, cause I got really close to pulling an OJ on this bitch

DHS : Paul, knock it off. If you do that you just really fuck up the whole planet. If the main guy in the Beatles turns into killer, its just too whacky.

PAUL : No, not really. I know everybody thinks I am a goody too shoes, cuase I can write some really nice melodies, but hey, I fuckin wrote some blazing sick shit, like Helter Skelter. I played the whole fucking track too. The others Beatles dummies didnt do shit on that one

DHS : Im glad you brought that up. How do you look back on the Beatles. You and Ringo are the only ones standing, and Ringo was cool, but he aint really on the A team if you know what I mean.

PAUL : Bottom Line. Most people, me included agree that was the best stuff I ever did. It was super fun, especially in the old days, drunk and play all night in Hamburg.

Later, it got complicated. The other knuckleheads would occaisionally come up with some good stuff, but it would take em forever to do it, and I was just fuckin blazing which super good stuff all the time and it caused a lot of problems. They just couldnt handle it and freaked out.

John was doing some crazy shit. Posing nude on that album, Two Virgins, half of which was empty vinyl. Im no prude, in fact, it was kinda cool, but it really wasnt my cup of tea. We just grew apart.

I couldnt understand what he was going through. George on the other hand, I understood. He basically was a bitter guy. He hated me one time so bad, he smeared shit all over my Hofnerbass. That was not cool at all.

As time went by, he turned into a great songwriter. I wish I had written that song Wah Wah. That was a really good one. Savoy Truffle was great as well.

He had this whole soap opera scene going on with him and Clapton stealling his woman. He got so into that stuff that it detracted from his music to some extent. Never the less, the Beatles and the Mentors were the greatest band of all times, along wtih the Stones of course.

DHS : Yeah, thats interesting. Its become clear over the years, that you were the band. Lennon was talented but not as much as you nor driven. Harrison had a lot of talent as he showed later, but you didnt need him. But a lot of fansof yours question a lot of the super wimpy aspect of Wings. How do you respond to this criticism?

PAUL: Yeah, well I wrote all the stuff so I must have liked it at the time Apparently, however, I had my head up my own ass. Cause some of that stuff it just so crappy, it astounds even me.

This shows you how much i did need the other Beatles guys to take the edge of my wimpiness.

DHS : Whats your favorite song you ever wrote

PAUL : Thanks Dr. Scum, for letting me promote my act, Foo Fighters on the righteous and holy Church of El Duce page.DHS : Any last words for the fans?

PAUL : Thanks Dr. Scum, for letting me promote my act, Foo Fighters on the righteous and holy Church of El Duce page.

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