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MENTORS: Over The Top

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One of the most controversial of metal bands of all time — the MENTORS — have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Over the Top", tentatively due in August. The CD was recorded and mixed by Bill Metoyer and was mastered by Jack Endino.
MENTORS band leader El Duce was killed in 1997 by a train, just days after being filmed for a conspiracy-theory film alleging he had been hired as a hitman to execute Kurt Cobain. The remaining members, guitarist Sickie Wifebeater and bassist Dr. Heathen Scum, have assembled an all-new-look MENTORS. New members are vocalist El Rapo, drummer Moosedick and rhythm guitarist Sickie J.
Commented Sickie J in a posting to the MENTORS Yahoo! group "The Church of El Duce": "Our freaky record is finally friggin' done. 1 1/2 years in the making and putting the final touches on the album is none other than famous grunge engineer Jack Endino, responsible for recording such acts as NIRVANA, SOUNDGARDEN, etc. etc.
"Don't worry, crusters — that was back when he didn't know any better and at the time he did not know recording such acts was really destroying rock and roll. And more importantly RAPE ROCK!!!! Having spoken to him about this last night, he is truly sorry about his endeavors in the grunge movement and said 'by recording MENTORS, this will make up for all lost ground and will only record RAPE ROCK from here on out.'
"The album sounds really fucking good and expect this to be all wrapped up by end of the week. Expect a test run of albums available in August, through mail order only. Go to www.ChurchOfElDuce.com for further details."
"Over the Top" track listing:
01. Suck for Rent
02. Young Fresh Tight Sweet Stuff
03. Over the Top
04. Sickie Sniffer Test
05. Electric Dick
06. Sex Booze Weed Speed
07. Whip It Out
08. Inches of Three
09. Oxy-Cution Date
Band lineup for recording:
Sickie Wifebeater - Guitar
Dr. Heathen Scum - Bass, Vocals
El Rapo - Vocals
Moosedick - Drums
Sickie J - Guitar
Additional drums by Sleazy P (from the NORTHWEST BREEDERS)