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Mel Gibson Exposed by Dr. Scum as an Al Queda Operative!

In a press conference in Beverly Hills, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Pope Scum took questions from the press on a variety of subjects; however, he made international news with his spirited attack on Mel Gibson.

Reporters quoted Pope Scum as saying in attendance :

"Mel Gibson is a card carrying Member of Al Queda. His blatantly Anti Semitic Statements and Movies, not to mention the words of his own father, that he refuses to deny (that the Holocaust is a hoax), are directed by Bin Laden. He might be a charming Scotsman to some, but to Kill Allen Wrench and Mentors, this man is a terrorist, who will stop at nothing to destroy Israel."

Pope Scum, who enjoys a dual role as superstar rocker, and behind the scenes diplomat, spoke candidly.

"I have advised Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to immediately carry out a targeted assassination of Gibson. He is more dangerous to the state of Israel than any leader or Hamas or Hezzabolah, given the raging success in America of Mad Max, Braveheart and his other action movies. We have evidence (shared by President Bush and Dick Cheney) with Dr. Scum, that Gibson is plotting a terror attack on Jewish interests in the US (specifically Warner Brothers Records, DreamWorks Studios, and Disney Studios) that will make 9 11 look like a bottle rocket. Gibson drunkenly bragged to pals on his latest drunken rampage, which the LAPD sought to censor "I hate these fucking Jews. I am going to remove them completely from Hollywood by killing them all. I will blow up all the Jew controlled studios so I can make more religious movies about how Jews killed Jesus. Bin Laden is my fuckin bro. As for the Prince of Punk, that sucks he was killed. The fuckin Jews killed him just like they killed Jesus. Fuck Israel and Fuck the Jews, in Hollywood and elsewhere. Also, I fuckin hate that stupid band Kiss cause they are Jews."

Scum elaborated "I have advised Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to take extra precautions until the Sein Beit (Israeli Secret Service) takes down permanently this threat to peace. “

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