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Pope Scum to Axl Rose : You have got my cash, fucker!

Mentors Sue Guns and Roses!

_Mentors Gypped by Super Corrupt Gay Metal Superstars!!!

Pope Scum was recently alerted to fact that Guns and Roses stole the original Mentors Tune, Cornshucker, and have been passing it off as their own song.

According to Pope Scum, "Honestly I never really listened to G and R because they are Gay and this goes against the Teaching of Our Lord, El Duce. So while i was aware that they were one of the bigger bands on the planet, I would not listen to this garbage. However, recently a Mentor fanatic pointed out to me that Gun and Rose ripped off our song, Cornshucker. They didnt even bother to change the title.

This Righteous Fan downloaded the evidence of theft from the internet and I immediately found what he was saying to be true. What we also discovered that although the tune was never released on an album, it was pivotal in their career and was the most popular song in their live set for several years, which resulted in them becoming bigger than Zep. Therefore as usual the holy suffer while the evil prosper.

Once we found this out,we decided to take advantage of the legal system to get what is coming to us.

Mentors Attornies, working on a Pro Boner basis, Stein and Weinstein, have h determined that this is a massive case of copyright infringment.

Mitchell Stein, esquire is quoted at a press conference shortly after filing suit in Santa Monica, California :

"This is the largest case of copyright infringment in the history of the world.

My clients, Sickie Wifebeater, Dr. Scum, and the Estate of El Duce are entitled to three times the entire profits ever earned by Guns and Roses, or as Duce used to call these theives, Buns and Posers. Clearly, they would have never had any career at all if they had not stolen this song from Mentors and concealed the fact by never putting it on an album.

Furthermore, we have procured a deposition from ex Guns and Roses Guitarist Slash who backs us up on the conspiracy to defraud charges. He will be testifying in court on our side."

Attorneys for W. Alx Rose were seen in the law library boning up on insanity defenses.

We are seeking

a) 95 of all G/R profits made since the song was recorded

b) a public apology to the Mentors


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