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Righteous Merchandize from the Church of El Duce includes Mentors CDs, El Duce CDs and Cassettes, Pope Scum Solo Albums, Various Mentor Videos, Books, and a Whole lot more

To Order Mentors, El Duce and Church of El Duce CD's go to Cdbaby.com

Mentors DVD

DVD-R Format - Contains the Legendary Mentors Videos "The Wretched World of the Mentors" and "A Piece of Sinema" plus bonus footage never seen before $15


Mentors T Shirts

3 Designs

The Classic Mentors 3 Hood Shirt

El Duce "Gone but Not Forgotten"

The Wretched World of the Mentors

$20 each

All Shirts in Xtra Large Size only


Mentors Cassettes

Get em while you can

Mentors to the Max

Live at the Whiskey

El Duce : Karaoke King

Mentors : You Axed for It

Mentors : Up the Dose

All Tapes at $10


Mail Payment to


9515 55th St

Riverside, CA 92509

Make Check or Money order payable to Mentors Fan Club


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