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Milfhunters band rocks the planet with Euro tinged Rape Rock!

EuroMetal takes a turn for the better with Milfhunters

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Pope Scum has been flying to Holland monthly to record and party with Amersterdam based Heavy Porn Rock Band, the Milfhunters.

The band features Paul Van Rjiswick on guitar, Helen Wheels on Vocals, Pope Scum on guitar and Vocals, and Ron Jeremy on Drums

In an exclusive interview for the Dutch Television Network, HetVision, Scum was quoted on the Milfhunters "I have known Paul for years since was annointed by myself as the first righteous bishop of the Duce Dutch Church.

We talked about putting together the right elements for a true SuperGroup, combining American Rape Rock with the classical overtones of Blackmore, Van Halen, and Focus. This Euro Approach was missing from Rape Rock And what better country to do this in than Holland which has been a world leader in the most digusting porno! But what put it over the top was when Paul's cousin Helen Wheels escaped from a Dutch convert for super repressed Dutch sluts and showed up on his doorstep. She turned out to have a natural talent for singing unlike any other chick on the scene. It was never our intention to involve a women in Rape Rock music but we had to make an exception for this talent. She is truly unbelievable because in this band she is writing all the lyrics and vocal melodies."

A Full Length CD is coming in 2008.

Ccheck out the Milfhunters Myspace Website


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