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Condi Rice Reveals
the Truth behind
President Bush and 9/11


Condi Rice to Senate : Bush too into listening to El Duce and Mentors to take care of business!

In a Shocking Revelation behind the Senate Intelligence Committee, National Security Advisor Condi Rice revealed President Bush was preoccupied with listening to Mentors and El Duce Solo albums and thusly distracted from the imminent Terrorist Attack!

In direct testimony televised nationwide Senator Orel Snatch of Utah directed the questioning :

Senator Snatch : Ms. Rice, isnt it true that President Bush would routintely interrupt critical intelligence briefings to play Mentors tracks and watch Mentors Videos?

Ms. Rice : Senator, actually that is true. However, I can say that we at the time did not realize how close Bin Laden was to attacking the US. And the fact of the matter is that those Mentors records had just come out and President Bush is a big fan. Apart from baseball, President Bush loves the Mentors more than anything else around. And he forced us to listen to these horrible recordings with him instead of taking care of business. But, he is the boss!

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