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Shotgun "Suicide" :
The CD Single/interview disk
features unreleased song!

This Historical Piece of Work, a collaboration between El Duce, Heathen Scum and Allen Wrench is being released on Mind Boggler Records to reveal the truth behind this situation. The song Shotgun "Suicide" has been hailed by critics as possibly the greatest rock song of all time. The CD single release includes an exclusive 15 minute interview with Heathen Scum on the background of this amazing historical audio track. The recording, orginal tracked in the legendary and now holy studio of Pope Scum at the Mentors Riverside Ranch, has been mixed and mastered in the Devil Vision Studios to preserve for all enternity this very important and critical Testament of Our Lord, El Duce, in the matter of the so called Suicide of Grunge Rocker, Kurtis Kobrain.

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