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Pope Scum Advises
Pres. Bush on Re-Election Strategy

I spent last weekend at Camp David (I had advised to change the name to Camp Duce) advising President Bush on how best to get re-elected. Although Bush his trying to crack down on porno, he is the only choice for America right now because the Democrats arent ballsy enough to keep the fanatic terrorists at bay as good as Bush and the other rednecks he is associated with.
I advised to make sure he is reelected he needs to do two things : a) capture and kill Osama Bin Laden well before the election, and also, in a move not advised by other pundits, b) put a bullet into the skull of the Pakistani Mad Scientist, Dr. Khan, who was selling the nuclear bombs of Pakistan to Al Queda. I had to explain to Bush who is a little dense as to why he must be killed. Bush, I said, dont you get it, this madmad has the atomic bomb secrets memorized. He must be killed to prevent spreading atomic bombs to Bin Laden!

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