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Pope Scum signs OJ Simpson to book and movie deal after Fox - Rupert Murdoch backs out!

Exclusive Preview on DNN (Duce News Network) of OJ Simpson Book If I did it
and interview with Pope Scum
Following the pre planned cancellation of OJ's Book, If I Did It, Pope Scum grapped the rights to the book and interviewed OJ, soon to be broadcast on You Tube
Here is the transcript of that historic interview
PS) First of all I want to say, Rupert Murdoch is a hypocritical fool He planned out this whole thing, the same way that OJ did, But lets get down to the interview : OJ the whole world wants to to know, did you kill Nicole?
OJ) IF I did, you would know it, right? Basically, yes I did kill her but it was justified homicide.
PS) please share with Mentor Fans, why you did it then?
OJ) Pope Scum, she wouldnt let me listen to Mentors. And she had several years ago thrown out my porno. I was smoking crack, and she stole my crack. That was the last straw. Not cool.
I listened to the words of our Lord, El Duce. Who said, Rock eM Sock Em. Plus I was listening to a lot of Queen and the murderous intent of Bohemian Rhapsody put me over the edge. I blame it on the rock.
PS) hold on OJ. That Duce stuff was a joke. Duce wouldnt hurt a fly. You went too fuckin far. Even McCartney was able to resist killing his woman so far, and she wants to get 15 Billion Dollars. Surely you could buy some more porno. No offense, Juice, but that just dont fly.
Lets get into the specifics of the crime.
How come the glove didnt fit?
Oj) im know dummy. I intentionally bought a small kids glove and threw it down. That was a no brainer. I planned it out. You dont get to be NFL rushing champ by being stupid. Footballl is game of strategy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Plus, I had a accomplice, Allen Wrench. he actually did it. I didnt want him to go that far, but he was he was so strung out on go fast, he went over the edge. The white boy did it.
PS) wow. thanks for the clarification.
whats next for the juice? Any more slayings planned?
OJ) i asked bush for permission for me to join the Special Forces. Since Pat Tillman got it in a friendly fire, I thought i could redeem my reputation by fighting Al Queda in the war on terror. I can defintely do some righteous slaying as you can see.

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