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Mentors Fight Back against Nancy Pelosi's proposed ban against Mentors!

Exclusive on DNN (Duce News Network)

Mentors Guitarist Sickie Wifebeater led a midnight protest vigil on Capital Hill with GOP Heavyweights Dick Cheney and Tony Snow to protest House Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi's proposed ban on America's Band, the Mentors. While Sickie plucked out a heavy metal version of We Shall Overcome, White House Spokesmodel Snow stated "Pelosi and the Democrats won the election fair and square, there is no doubt. However, there is a thing called the first amendment and the freedom of religion. The Mentors and the Church of Duce are protected by both. So to quote Axl Rose, Back Off, Bitch!

Wifebeater stated : " Nancy Pelosi is a hot Milf. I would do her in a second! Lets invite her backstage to show her what America's band is all about!"

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