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GlamFag Drummer Rikki Rocket of Crap Band Poison Busted by Pigs for Rape!

DNN (Duce News Network) : RapeLine Los Angeles :
The Mentors Bassist and Vocalist Pope Heathen Scum was questioned for hours by the Los Angeles Police Department in connection with the investigation of the alleged rape of a Groupie by Poison Drummer, Rikkie Rocket.

After several hours of questioning, Pope Scum met with the press to explain the situation on the steps of the Los Angeles Criminal Courthouse and Police Headquarters.

Heathen read this statement to the assembled press corp around the world.

"Rikki Rocket approached the Mentors to do a tour with Poison, to be billed as Heteros Versus Homos. We met with Mr. Rocket at a hotel casino on Alabama to discuss the matter. Mr Rocket was dressed up as a woman and we fully believed him to be a homosexual with an exclusive interest in having sex with other men. Our Lord, El Duce, has frequently made such statements to me also while he was alive

Myself and Sickie Junior adjoined to our penthouse suite with Mr. Rocket to discuss the financial details for the proposed tour. In the suite were several Mentors (female) groupies. Mr. Rocket started consuming massive quantities of alcoholic drinks and got quite inebriated as the negotiations progressed. This seemed to act as truth serum and he announced to the room that he wanted to join our band, that he was sick of played fag rock and wanted to play a mans rock. I stated, hey Ricki, no offense, but once a fag always a fag, and we cannot allow a known homo to be in our band. Also we already have a manly drummer, Mooseprick, and so that it just not going to happen.

He stated to us he would show us and asked if he raped a chick that would constitute as a rape rock initiation and he mentioned that he thought we were pussies and that Moosedick never really raped any sluts, and this was bullshit.

He became very mean and belligerent and we said, he Ricki you had too much to drink, go to sleep, dude. You cant rape chicks to get into our band, but given us money and drugs might help your cause.

We was escorted out of the room and later that night we heard screams from his suite and the sounds of gunfire.

That is really all we know, and certainly it is very coincidental that a super hot cocktail waitress at hte casino is now claiming Rocket forcibly raped here that evening in his suite.


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