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U.S. Army Interrogatation
of Iraqui Prisoners Backfires

U.S. Army Officiers embarrassed themselves recently in Iraq. Because the Interrogation specialists had been so successsful by blaring "music" by such groups as Metallica at Iraqi and Al Quada suspects until they confessed or gave evidence regarding terrorist plans, the troops were instructed by Washington to play at high volume the alleged "worst rock band in America, the Mentors". Redneck hick officials such as Dick Chenney had been advised that this would make the Irquis squel quiker than blariing Metallica.
Unfortunately, the technique backfireed, bigtime. The Iraqis exposed for the first time to the righteous rape rock of our Lord El Duce, dragged out the interrogation session for long periods just so they could hear the righteous rape rock of El Duce over and over again. A partiicular request was Judgement Day.
Pope Heathen Scum was qutoed, "Cheney should have asked me first. I would have told him to stick with Metallica because honestly they are pretty annoying. Playing Mentors to torture poeple is just not going to work because Mentors rock big time."

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