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Mentors Stand Behind their Buddy K-Fed (Kevin Federline) during his tough times, getting booted out by Super Slut Britney Spears

The Mentors are standing by their Hollywood party buddy K-Fed. Pope Scum was quoted at the Chateau Marmont hotel Bar, " when the truth comes out, this slut will be washed up and K-Fed will be a bigger superstar than he already is. He is totally responsible for this talentless slut getting as big as she got, and not that he isnt there to write her songs and teach her dance moves, the odds of her getting any more hits are zero!"

Show biz insiders reveal real reason why Britney spear filed for divorce from K-Fed!
A un-named male superstar, and friend of the couple revealed the truth in the show biz divorce of the decade. A quote attributed to the famous singer/dancer stated “Britney is a bitchy pig. She tried to boss around my homie Kfed and the final straw was when she banned Mentors Cds from getting played at the pad. Kfed like to stay home, get high and blast Mentors from his private playroom, but this bitch Britchney Spears said it wasn’t okay to do this and she would not have Rape Rock getting played in the house.
That’s when KFED got mad and threatened to release the video tape they made of them having sex on their honeymoon. She flipped out and had her security guards throw him out of the pad

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