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Mentors in the Middle
of Gay Marriage Controversy

Hetrosexual activist Rock Band and Classic Rock Legends the Mentors are at the epicentre of the Gay Rights/Gay Marriage Controvery which is dominating this years presidential campaign. In meetings with both Candidates for President, President Bush and Senator Kerry, Pope Heathen Scum of the Chruch of El Duce insisted that he would throw the support of the Chruchgoing faithful to the candidate that did the most to promote lipstick lesbian marriage. Pope Scum stated "This is the only kind of homosexuality that our Lord El Duce can condone. Seeing two hot chicks go at it, that's every hetero mans fantasy. But Bulldykeism and Manly Gaye Action, absolutely not. We cant encourage that. This is the teaching of our Lord, Duce."

Reaction from the Candidates camps is mixed. According to a Bush spokesman, "President Bush remains convinced we have to make illegal all gay marriage, including lipstick lesbo type. Sorry Pope Scum, but you cant dictate the morals to President Bush."
Senator Kerry, true to his wishy washy nature, didnt really commit one way or another. In a campaign speech, he said "I really don't mind two hot chicks having some fun together. I wish I could be there when they do. But we are studying our position on the marriage thing. "

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