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Roman Catholic Scandal
Drives Religious Fanatics to
Church of El Duce

Pope Scum, Church of El Duce, (left) announced that the ongoing homosexual kiddie porno scandal in the Roman Catholic Church, most recently resulting in the resignation of Cardinal Law of Boston (right), is driving a huge upsurge in membership in the Church of El Duce, the world's first Internet Religion. Quoting Pope Scum : "Its a shame about the faggot priests in the Church of our Competitor. These sickos however are driving their parishoners to our newly established order, the Church of El Duce. This is a real blessing for our Church. Our key to success? One thing is that we do not admit under any circumstances children into our church. You must be a free thinking sexual swinger and sign a affadavit so attesting to even getting in the door. There is as much sex going on in our church as there is in Cardinal Law's church, but the difference ours is adults only heterosexual, while his is illegal child molesting variety."

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