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The Real Story
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Tipper Gore : A Woman Scorned :

In 1984 I Dr. Pope Scum was in Washington DC visting business associates at the Columbian Embassy. It was a black tie/black hood diplomatic party that I made the acquantance of lonely Washington wife, Tipper Gore, wife of then Senator Al Gore. Senator Gore it seems wasnt serving Tipper in the way that a Man needs to take care of a woman, and I in an intoxicated state made a move on this fine piece of ass. I did her every which way and took her on a trip around the world, sexually speaking. She told me it was the best boning she had ever had, and needed it bad. As she explained, Al Gore had fallen victim to the syndrome of "turning gay when they hit middle age syndrome". As i explained, her chunky slutty look gave me a major hard on.

I thought is was cool and understood between us that this was just a FFFF situation ( find her, feel her, fuck her, forget her ). But when i refused to take her phone calls after the initial screw, she apparently got extremely upset and decided to try to run my band out of business.

Here is a picture of myself and this lovely lady, prior to the coital event which occurred just moments later. I have been silent about this for many years as a true gentleman that I am, but feel compelled by patriotic duty to spill the beans in order to give the full information to the American public in this election year.

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