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NEWS from The Church of El Duce !!!

Heathen Parties with
Marylin Manson Alumnus and Genitorturers

Hats off to SuperStar Heavy Metaller, now perverted Industrial SM rocker, Dave Vincent!( second from left). Rumours are that he bones all of the sluts in Tampa all day and night with his wife, Gen, jumping on in the perversion as well! Smart move in quiting Morbid Angel for sure, more sex, more dope, more partying. Praise Satan.

The Pope of the Church, El Duce, was pleased to spend a little quality time with Superstar Hot Piece of Ass, Gen of Genitorturers band while husband Dave Vincent was changing strings on his axe. The Pope congratulated Gen on an amazing show in Tampa that blew minds and ears. Although not normally oriented toward S/M stuff, Dr. Scum changed his stripes when he saw all the casual sex associated with the SM Tampa Scene. He plans to "sign up" for the next SM party in Tampa for sure!

After making his selection, Heathen gets down to biz with two lovely SM ladies!

This heavy metal SM midget was getting all the sluts in Tampa!

This hot chick used to skate professionally in the Ice Capades show. She came down the show to get it on with the band.

After boning numerous groupie bimbos in Slut Mecca, Tampa, Florida, when KAW opened the show for superstars, Genitorturers (June 2002), Scum partied with ex Manson superstar bassist Giget, who revealed he may rejoin Manson now that Twiggy is out.

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