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Shocking Development in Paul McCartney Divorce Case!

DNN (Duce News Network) is breaking a shocking development in the trail of the Century between Ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, and his gold-digging Wife, Heather Mills.
Mentors Guitarist and Founding Member, Sickie Wifebeater has confessed to the BCC that Paul McCartney indeed is as Mrs. McCartney claims, a Drunken Wifebeater. Wifebeater claims to have witnessed personally several instances of physical and mental abuse heaped on Mrs. McCartney by a Drunken Paul. However, in a show of soliditary and loyalty to McCartney, Wifebeater has fled the UK and is refusing to testify in the trail

Wifebeater was qutoed, "Paul likes to drink and he likes to screw. His bitch, Heather, however, is a real gold-digger who doesnt follow orders properly. McCartney has always promoted his image as a goody two shoes with his wimpy songs like Penny Lane and Let it Be, but you have to remember, he is a real hard rock, as evidenced by songs like Helter Skelter. Shit, nice guys dont write songs that inspire the Manson family to cut out babies from their womb. McCartney is a true hard core rocker, but he is just a little greedy. He wants to have it all."


Wifebeater continued "I was over in the UK jamming with Paul, working on his new album. We drank like a case of Guiness Stout and New Castle Brown. He and me were jamming in his basement studio he asked his woman to roll and joint and bring down a salt shaker filled with cocaine. His lazy bitch has already taken off her fake leg and was in bed eating bon bons watchy the telly and refused to do as he said. So he drunkenly staggered up the stairs and administered some discipline while me and the drummer continued jamming."


"Paul needs to come out as the wifebeater he is and show the world he is a true heavy metal rocker. This will be good for his image, not bad for it. Even if he loses a bunch of cash to her, its okay, cause he is worth more than the King of Saudi Arabia at this point. Plus, he can always call on his IRA hit men buddies (he did write the pro-IRA song, leave Ireland for the Irish at one point) to eliminate this bimbo in an OJ like move."


Paul was quoted in the exclusive interview with Pope Scum for DNN "Hey Pope Scum. the dumb bimbo has been quoted extensively as the reason she wanted to divorce me is because I wouldnt let her use a bedpan! What the fuck! I dont wanna try to sleep smelling a huge turd! Thats just fucking wacky. It isnt like she cant get up and go to the bathroom like any other slut! She gets around fine on one leg! I am appealing to the judge for a summary judgement based on this stupid shit (no pun intended) She is as guilty as OJ. Maybe Oj can kill her and stop this madness. I need to smoke a doob and write some good music to calm down.

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