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Mentors & The Church of el Duce – Album 1- CD
Do you remember the Mentors from the 80’s? Well, this
classic “rape-rock” act disappeared after the death of
their long time vocalist/drummer in 1997…until now.
The Mentors are still alive, and also the project of
the bassist Dr. Heathen Scum is here. This CD,
features all of the former Mentors plus the vocalist
of the 80’s NWOBHM act Wild Dogs, Matt McCourt. These
are 13 rape rock songs (plus one rare demo with el
Duce himself), more oriented towards hard-rock/early
heavy metal, with the classical porno lyrics. It is
presented as a CDr, with good presentation…the music
is what counts here. Best songs: Jax Shack, Rape Rock,
Bad Boy, Golden Goose, Sleazebag Motel and of course
el Duce track “Ready to Drop”. Contact below!
Mentors & the Church of el Duce – Album Num-beer 2 –
After only a couple of months of released the first
album, the band surprises us with the second one. This
time the Mentors present 12 tracks of pure rape rock
with the participation of 3 vocalists: Matt McCourt
(Wild Dogs), El Rapo (the new Mentors vocalist) and
Allentown. Also, one song, “Cruster Sandwich” is sang
by Heathen Scum himself. If you liked the Mentors and
also like hard rock/heavy metal with heterosexual
women-hating lyrics then order these CD-rs now!. Best
songs here: Sex Slave, Shock and Awe, Two Time Sally,
Rockin in a Hood, Cruster Sandwich and Party Kings.
Both Cd-rs go for US $12 each and US $20 both with
postage paid. Act fast ‘cause both of them are
Contact & orders: www.usmetal.com
Contact dr heathen Scum of the Mentors: sbroy@aol.com
Here's my address:
c/o Renzo Parodi
Calle el galeon 202
urb. la calesa-surco
lima 33
website: www.warhatefront.cjb.net


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