Upcoming Church Service in the Cathedral


The Church of El Duce
Fellowship of Los Angeles
Sunday, November 7, 2005, 10:30 AM
Pope Heathen Scum Presiding over the Congregation
Opening Words and Welcome
Chalice Lighting in Unison
We light our flaming chalice
To light up the sky for our Lord El Duce
In the search for sex, may we be Righteous
In the search for a buzz, may we be mellow and high,
And, in Jamming, may our rock last for eternity as the most Righteous of all mankind.
– Pope Scum

Swingers Reading
Hymn #413 Go now in peace in our Lord El Duce
Candle Lighting (A time for personal joys and concerns)
Silent Reflection
Hymn Mentors: Sandwich of Love
Offering in Unison
In the name of El Duce we get high
In the name of El Duce we will fuck the sluts
In the name of El Duce we will righteously rock the Planet
Sweet El Duce, show us the way,
El Duce, we dedicate our lives to your Glory
Responsive Reading #___ Title of 2nd Hymn
Presentation: Church of El Duce Principle #3: Within our Congregations of Sexually Liberated Swingers in the Church of El Duce, it is our Sacrament to Get Down and Dirty with Drugs and Porn and Sluts
Closing Hymn #123 Four F Club
Extinguishing the Chalice
Closing Words: Video of El Duce from Church Library
Announcements and Introduction of Guests
Please join us for a Forty Ounce of Olde English and some hash after the service
Upcoming Programs
Sunday, Nov. 14 – 10:30 PM. Church Messiah Allen Wrench will preach on the Holy Words of El Duce
Sunday, Nov. 21 – 10:30 PM Assitant Pastor Sickie Junior will lead the Youth Group in a Sexual Orgy
Other Fellowship Events
Today – Noon. El Duce Cathedral Building Committee update, downstairs. New participants welcome.
Monday, Nov. 8 – 5:30 p.m. Church of El Duce Evangelical Missionary (Positione) Harvest Outreach to the Hollywood Community. Cocaine and Botox Party after the Orgy.
Friday, Nov. 12 – 6 p.m. Duce Word Study Group Meets to Study in Depth You Axed for It – Mentors LP
Tuesday, Nov. 16 – Church of El Duce Mentors Album Release Party for Over the Top
Volunteer Opportunities : Female Church Members Only
Hospitality – Provide sexual refreshments after service. Come early to make coffee and set out cups. Clean up kitchen area after Duce Orgy hour. Sign up on the bulletin board downstairs,
Booze – Bring a six-pack for Sunday morning. After service, drop off leftovers at the Senior Center so the Retired Church Members can party out too. .
Children’s Service – Due to Church Rules, no children are allowed in the Church. However, Church Lady Volunteers visit the local playgrounds and distribute Mentors Porno to the kinds in a Harvest Outreach mission so when they are old enough to join, they will already be corrupt.

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