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The Music of the Lord El Duce


The Music of Our Lord El Duce is a gift to Humanity.

In this section of this righteous website we will feature rare and unheard classics from our Lord.

This song, Shotgun Suicide was written by our Lord, El Duce, who was assisted in this endeavor by Dr. Heathen Scum and Kill Allen Wrench Front Man and yet to be charged murderer, Allen Wrench. Click on the song title below to download this masterpiece of religious music.

Shotgun Suicide

Also, listen to this behind the scenes account of the recording of this historic song

Dr. Scum Monologue

Pope Heathen Scum is in the process of producing some incredible unheard of tunes from our Lord El Duce, which will be released on Mentors/Mind Boggler Label. Keep your eyes and ears open for this mindboggling and mind blowing release.

To hear some killer tracks from the Church of El Duce Supergroup, go to www.soundclick.com and search for The Church of El Duce.

More righteous Mentors and Church of El Duce can be downloaded here at soundclick.com

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