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The Church of El Duce is Spearheading the War on Terror!

Pope Scum acting under orders from President Bush to Kill Terrorists!


The internet is buzzing with the latest shocking development on the War on Terror. The following section is reprinted with permission from the London Times :

"In a strange post election turn of events, Pope Heathen Scum of the Church of El Duce has been detained but not arrested by Federal Agents. Also the agents seized a video apparently made by the Church of El Duce and posted at www.churchofelduce.com

In the seized Video, Pope Scum is seen holding a knife to the throat of Kill Allen Wrench Co guitarist Mariachi Mysterioso. Sources who have seen the video, say a rambing and apparently stoned Pope Scum threatenes to cut off the head of all Arabs unless they "chill out" in Iraq and other places immediately.

When questioned by a voice off camera why he was threatening a person of Hispanic, rather than Arab descent, Scum replied "Mexicans and Arabs look a lot alike. In fact, MM is not a Mexican. My church secret service has determined that this person posing as an agent is in fact an Al Queda operative. We have prevented another 9 11 by seizing him".

The attorneys for the Pope and the Church of El Duce, Weinstein, Seinfeld, and Lomax, of New York City filed a writ of habeous corpus to free the pope. But Attorney General John Ashcroft, citing certain sectinos of the Patriot Act, declined to release the Pope.

Ashcroft stated "we dont have a problem with the Pope detaining and even killing this Arab agent, who poses as Marachi Mysterioso. What we do have a problem with Pope Scum is that he is trying to conduct diplomacy on behalf of the United States. And that is illegal for anybody but the Presdient and his Secretary of State. Colin Powell is furious that Pope Scum is trying to fight fire with fire by making decapatation videos to keep up with the Arabs. President Bush is very concerned, especially in view of his close working relationship with the Pope in the past on a variety of cultural and war on terror issues.
Stay tuned.

Because of its shocking content, and also because it is of dubious legality for the Pope to conduct diplomacy on behalf of the United States, the video has been seized from most outlets.

However, the Church of El Duce is proud to stand for religious freedom and freedom of speech and so we bring it to you below.

In this shocking Video, Pope Scum matches the Terrorists atrocity for atrocity. No longer is the Western World sitting back waiting for the next terrorist attack.

Click here to Watch this Video and decide if you are ready to Win this War on Terror! Click to see the goodness!

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